Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The term “iatrogenocide” is derived from the combination of words “iatrogenesis,” meaning physician induced illness, and “genocide,” defined as the mass killing and/or enslaving of people for economics, politics, and/or ideology by sistematic method such as medical mistakes.

Iatrogenesis = any adverse or physical condition induced in a patient through the effects of treatment by a physician or surgeon.
Causes of iatrogenesis include medical error, blood transfusion, negligence and the adverse effects or interactions of prescription drugs.
[Numbers] : In the United States, 225,000 deaths per year may be iatrogenic, making it the third leading cause of death.

Genocide = the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group

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Site: Scale of the Built Environment

Scale can be very very small [nano] or very very big [celestial].. It depends on who measure it. Normally, it is a thing that relative to another object.

A same size object is view from different scale from different actor, such as a godzilla or an ant..

In built environment, we have 7 basic scales, which is

1. Object
2. Interior
3. Building
4. Premise
5. Urban
6. Regional
7. Global

Intention: Ideologies, design theories

Action: Scope of work (which is the development procedures)

Product: Design of physical object to physical world

Actors: Starts from Industrial Designer[object] >> Interior Architect[interior] >> Architect[building] >> Landscape Architect[premise] >> Urban Designer[urban] >> Planner[regional] >> "Governor"[global]

Rule: Legal aspects of development

Site: From factories to the internet

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Domes Day! – A Geodesic Dome

10 Sept 2008, 10am to 12pm

Team Name: 5 together

>> Trust us! We can do it! (which is our motto^^v)
>> To show that all girls team are able to produce a geodesic dome coming with a team report too.

Rules ( Given ):
- Zero cost
- Packaged
- Prefabricated
- Accommodate by 5 people
- Carryable by 3 people
- Assembled in 30 minutes
- Life Span: 1 month
- Recyclable

[at least ONE from a different major]
- Our group leader, Shosan a/p Sunton (Architecture)

- Me, Tan Meigi (Architecture)
- Member, Ow Yang Seok Tin (Architecture)
- Member , Thor Ai Pheng ( Quantity Survey)

- Member, Phneh Zhing Horng ( Quantity Survey)

- No. 21 on The Dome Number located near to HBP

- Produce 6 pentagons and connect them successfully on Domes Day!
- Type out the team report.


Here is the dome that we build~

The story...

To build a 2V dome with the radius 1.22m, we need a total of 49 struts(35 Struts 0.75 meters each and 30 Struts 0.67 meters each ).

At first, we decided to use newspaper as the struts by rolling few pages together and use steel wire to connect the struts together. After preparing for few days, we trying to build the dome. However, we failed due to the weight of the newspaper strut. We used too many pages of newspaper for a strut, making the strut too heavy to support or being supported.

Our newspaper dome collapsed.

But this will not stop us from trying. We did not give up! We trying to build a dome with bamboo, which is kindly sponsored by Mr. Ah Hock from Hock Chinese Paper Art Making Shop at Macalister Road, Penang [ Zero Cost ]. Mr. Ah Hock also teaches us the techniques in combining the bamboo struts by using masking tape.

Combining the bamboo struts with masking tape into a pentagon.

It’s quite easy. We can produce a pentagon shape within
5mins. The 6 pentagons is prepared for the prefabrication.

We trying to combine the 6 pentagons with steel wire see whether it can accommodate 5 people or not. Yes^^ it can~

I'm doing the covers for my pentagon.

Covering the pentagons with 5 different colours to show our identity. I choose yellow colour for myself, which represent optimistic, sunny, joyful and young at heart! Also, yellow is the concentration and attention getter.

We finished the coverings at about 8pm, Monday.

Our colourful dome...

I'm sitting inside the dome.

After that, we complete our team report, illustrating all the rules including the lifespan of the proposed dome and what the materials can be recycled into.

We predict that our dome should be last for 1 month.

On 10 Sept 2008, Wednesday, which is our domes day, we carry the 6 pentagons easily to the site no.21 at the Minden Valley Dome Spine near to the HBP after we hand in the team report and registered ourselves for the photo registration.

We set up our dome successfully within 30mins.

Posing with our dome..

Our colourful dome and i..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Blog! USM 37th Convocation 2008

USM 37th Convocation 2008 (13/08/2008 till 17/08/2008) From Event to Oval..

The Production of a Built Environment.

The signboard shows the event, time and the venue.

The first scene i saw when i step into the convocation site from the entry.

The Entertainments...

I never know that the convocation provides playground for kids too! It looks fun for the kids..

Urusetia Convex 2008..

Nicely decorated stage for the Convex '08 event..

Booths for selling items especially souveniers. Lovely plushies bouquets! It's hard to choose the nicest plushies! There are too many choices for us..

The food court providing foods and drinks.
The Graduates...

Graduates and their family going into DTSP.

Helping each other to wear the robe nicely..

Graduates from Computer Science. The one holding SpongeBob is my friend, Chong Lim. Congratulations Chong Lim!! =D

The Site being cleaned..

Few days later, the site is nicely cleaned^^ Just left the tents..

I like the view from here. Greenish and peaceful.

The workers are taking down the tents and clearing the site.

In production form:
Intention: To understand how's the USM Convo as i'm the first year student here.. Also to observe how's the site being cleared.
Site: USM Oval
Act: Take photos as i observe and add it to my photo blog
Actor: Me (take photos),
Graduates and their family (attend the Convo),
hawkers, students and the workers.
Rule: Everything is environmental friendly ( e.g. use your own bags rather than plastic bag, no polystyrenes and so on.. )
Product: The successfully done USM Convo, Understanding about the USM Convo, The clearly clean site (oval) by the workers and The photos i took in the whole process for this photo blog.

Lastly, i look through the photos that i took.. and i found a photo!

Do u spot a SpongeBob balloon hanging on the tree... wahaha~
(somebody lost it ? x.x)

It's quite fun to do this photo blog^^

My Ideology...

Well.. in class Mr. Wan Burhanuddin ask us about... Where do human being comes from?

Is it apes >>>> (evolution occurs over thousands of years ) >>>> humans?
Adam + Eve "produces" humans ?

Which one should we believe in?

There are some ideology here:
> No wrong or right = altruism
> Everything is wrong = cynism
> Everything is correct = relativism
> Some are correct and some are wrong = ???ism
> Truth is a must to be find out! = truth-seekerism
> It's not a must to find the truth, just throw away the lies.. and here is the truth~ = taoisme ( Lao Tze)

So, what's the ideology that i hold ?

My idelogy is Taoism from Lao Tze.. I believe that if there is no lies, then that is the truth. But it's hard to live without lies, right? Here is the symbol of Taoism.

There must be some White in Black and vice versa. One cannot be totally 'white' or ' black'. Therefore, we only need to try our best to be ourselves^^ But don't hurt people, especially the one u loves.. Enjoy your life~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Production Model

Wednesday,13 Aug 2008
Lecturer: Wan Burhanuddin bin Wan Abidin

There are six basic elements in Production Model, which is Intention, Act, Product, Actor, Rule and Site.

One must first have the knowledge which is th product of certain act .
The idea can be Explicit-Implicit, Constructive-Destructive, Good-Bad and many more.
We listen, see(see the world), understand(from our hearts) and differentiate.


Taking actions individually or with a group of ppl to perform or do something.
>> Actions!


It can be physically, mentally or spiritually.


The person behind the intention. The one that taking care the task.
>> Tukang hasil, profesional (jurutera), pelaksana, individu.


It can be natural or man-made.
Natural rule is gravity or friction.
Man-made rule can be cultural, universal, law, beliefs, act, cliocial, regulation and so on.
It govern us when doing something.


Located on the earth surface. It can be virtual (dreams, websites, .... ) or Real and touchable (table, paper, land, ... )